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Monday, July 19, 2010

Preseason Talking Points

Hola Madridistas! I have just returned from a north east coast road trip of NYC and Ocean City New Jersey. I should feel refreshed after a vacation but I'm exhausted; it was truly a fun event though. Unfortunately, when I was enjoying myself, my access to the Internet or service for a cell phone was remote at the very best. When I got back Pedro Leon was on board and we had just started training. It felt like I had missed eons of news. However, I have debriefed myself on all the latest news as soon as I arrived back in my humble abode. I have endless things to talk about but I'm going to try and condense it into a few points that can be discussed. Who should go? Who Should stay? We're about to embark on another 10 month adventure of Real Madrid football and I plan to be by your side the entire trip! Let's start it off shall we?

I've been pleased with the way we have gone about summer signings. Usually during a World Cup summer, teams rush to the transfer market to buy or sell players based off their performances in the tournament. Real Madrid have not. Our signings consist of Di Maria, Pedro Leon, and we brought Canales to preseason. Di Maria competed for Argentina in the World Cup but was in the club plans long before the tournament kicked off. Pedro Leon, though Spanish, was not on the squad that lifted the World Cup trophy. Canales, also Spanish, was confirmed a Real Madrid player in the latter half of the last season. Perez's idea to "Spanisify" the squad that he developed at the beginning of last season starts to become more clear as 2/3 mentioned are Spanish. Another note is if Mourinho does have a flaw, it is his ability to sign wingers. It's scary to think that both Pedro Leon and Di Maria are in fact wingers. Every one remember Quaresma? Mancini? Both failed at Inter.

Linked with Germany's Khedira? We don't need him. We have plenty of midfielders. I am under the impression that he does a box-to-box job for Stuttgart. We have an excellent box to box player. His name is Xabi Alonso. Did you see him with Busquets behind him in the Spain team? He was a driving force. It sucks the menacing ref's took his penalty away. Sure, those guys were in encroaching but does it really matter? Bogus... But who plays behind him? I'm done with Lass, sorry Lass fans. His form is at an all time downfall. We need some one solid that does a job, preferably taller than Lass and can win headers. Big Diarra would work, but his future has been in question and Mosquera is gone (sadface). The Maicon saga seems to be never ending. Am I for or against his signing? Good question. I would be for it if we got him for a reasonable price (doubtful) and Sergio Ramos played center back seeing as he is very good there as well as right back. However, I think Ramos does just as good a job as Maicon and if we need to make a signing for the back line, let's get a center back. It has been said that Real Madrid's Achilles heal has always been their back line. However, with a defensive minded coach such as Mourinho, that could all change. RMCF2.0? Maybe.

Time to address the left back situation. It gets a paragraph of it's own. Ashley Cole has been heavily linked with Real Madrid and former coach Mou. Do I want Ashley Cole? No. He's a prick, too old, too expensive. If he ends up wearing a Real Madrid shirt, i will support him as I do every player to wear a Madrid shirt but I don't want him. I've been preaching it all summer. Marcelo for attack minded games, Arbeloa for a more cautious approach and Marcos Alonso from time to time (even though tons of clubs would love to put their grubby mits on him). Loan out Drenthe he needs playing time and has nasty potential.

The Kaka situation worries me. I don't want him to go because he is a class player and individual but we don't have room for a half fit class player and individual. However, if he can regain top form, Canales couldn't ask for a better mentor. The midfield is becoming more and more dense. For the time being we have plenty of midfielders. It's sad for me to see Guti most likely on his way out, though nothing has been confirmed. He is a dying breed of player that is very difficult to find. He brings something to the pitch that no one else can. He will be missed.

However, I'm excited about the fresh young talent on the squad right now. Marcelo, Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuain, Pedro Leon, Drenthe, Di Maria, Lass, Canales, Marcos Alonso, and Garay are all of the age 25 or under. It would be good to keep the same core for a couple seasons and let them grow together. It's a shame to see some of our youth products are being sought after so heavily but other clubs. Sarabia and Marcos Alonso's Real Madrid future is in question and we've already lost Mosquera. The Academy is on the rise though after a stellar season. I just wish we could see more of them in the first team. Perhaps Mourinho can make it happen.

The lime green twinge to the training attire looks fresh, new. However I can see it getting almost nausiating come about March. The kit design is good. I plan on picking up a Ramos 4 when I get the chance. Some people don't like the font for the numbers and names. It's not my favorite but I'll survive. The away kit is adventurous. I don't mind it but I just always prefer to wear our whites. I'm eager to see what the third kit will look like. That's all I have for now with plenty more to come. With the transfer window slowly closing and preseason beginning to catch fire, there will be more to talk about.




  1. I bought the SR4 home jersey but Real Madrid shop decided to send me a un-named one. Now they'll be sending me the printing seperately and expect me to press it on to the shirt myself.

    Agree with your article though. I really like Khedira, but he is not needed here, and is too good to play backup. I wanted Filipe Luis at LB instead of Ashley Cole/Kolarov, but seems like Atletico are getting him. Center back is needed since Mou most probably does not rate Garay very highly (neither did Pellegrini to be honest) and Metzelder is gone too.

    Can't wait for the season. Fixtures out today I believe.

  2. yer i'm excited with our sigings, all young, a left back is still needed imo, Marcelo i really a midfielder, and I just think a left footed LB is better than a right footed one although Arbeloa will defintely be a good back up for LB ( and RB).

    I'd still like us to get Maicon not because we need him exactly but just because he'd make us even better :)